Wobble and Wheeze: a potentially overweight Iron Man competitor and an endlessly wheezing whooping cough victim – who share in common the fact that they are both always, unquestionably (and completely) correct in all their opinions and assertions. They have almost learnt the rules of chess and play and sing unstoppably in the early hours whilst their long-suffering wives and children sleep.
Wobble - Peter Johnston is a completely unknown headteacher (probably even to his students) who happens to sing a bit and write a tune or two. He has absolutely no idea why Wheeze is slumming it in this duo other than the fact that the songs seem to work!


Wheeze - Adam Summerhayes is an internationally renowned fiddle player, best known for acclaimed classical recordings and his work with Zum and the Lightning Thieves. He can also be found on the odd Hollywood Soundtrack and frequently heard on radio stations worldwide. He feels compelled to remain in the duo until he has finally beaten Wobble at chess.